ANV Consulting specializes in Assigning New Vectors for Dramatic Business Growth

We measure the success of any project only through its ability to sell more of our Client's Products or Services

Our solutions:

01.01.06 - New web site launched

  • You are interested in improving sales with Large Format Modern trade, but have little experience in dealing with large Retail groups

  • You are keen to strengthen the Equity of your brands

  • You have regional operations but you have not fully built synergies across countries

  • You are facing competition from strong local companies or Retail Brands

  • You have brands that are not growing as fast as you would like them to grow

  • You have a large marketing and sales budgets and you are looking at ways of making your budgets more effective by redefining the spending mix.

  • You want to optimize the portfolio of your Brands

  • You are interested in training your organization in Marketing and Sales techniques

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