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Nature of projects already completed


Volume Forecasting

  • Forecasting sales trends based on previous sales using sophisticated methodologies
  • New Product forecast using several proxy variables
  • Achieved Forecast accuracy of over 90%

Forecasting Models

  • Methods: Double Exponential Smoothing, ARIMA, etc.
  • Multiple individual statistical model simulations run
  • Used to select the most promising and stable models for forecasting
  • 10 forecasting models were developed in this process

How is an appropriate forecasting model selected ?

  • Start with the set of the 10 forecasting models
  • Forecasting simulations are run for each of the 10 models per ink
  • An algorithm picks the model that results in the minimal forecasting error
  • Based on actual transaction data in recent past


Project Highlights

Volume Forecasting

  • An MNC found that as it introduced new SKUs it did not have a way of accurately forecasting sales of its existing and new SKUs. Moreover, the distributors and wholesalers did not have clear guidelines for buying new SKUs.

  • We looked at past trends and other variables to work out a system of forecasting sales with 90% accuracy.

  • We also developed a way of forecasting optimal shipments by taking into account the inventory with trade.


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